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Return of the Nephilim – Chuck Missler – Part 1/12



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JESUS is the entire reason I am beginning to write this blog. HE has impressed upon my heart of late the irresistible hour we are ALL Living through. The following will simply be a record of My Prayer Life in Christ JESUS; THE Anointed SAVIOUR to Our world as we know it.

The LORD  caught me away in Prayer just this evening last SAYING, “BLOW YOUR TRUMPET!”

“All I AM asking for You to do is Pray without ceasing. I need Your trumpet blowing all the while You are awake in the physical. FEAR NOT, You are MINE. You will build up to this; begin by focusing upon increasing the output. You hear people clamoring all day long saying, this and that, all manner of evil. Abstain from reacting with Words, they are power resonating MY TRUTH, a conduit of change upon this Earth. Your defense is in THE LORD. TRUTH is, the complacency of Your world is past reproach. Sound THE TRUMPETS NOW! Prayer and Fasting, unceasing, learning to Live on MY SPOKEN WORD, a grain is sufficient in the physical. I WILL provide for You and Yours: BE NOT AFRAID! HEAR MY VOICE. I CRY unto You: Speak what I SAY, say what You hear. It is time to pray, stl(saith The LORD.)

“AS I CRY OUT TO You this Day, I have things for You to say. Don’t be bothered by the WORDS You hear, just release them now and hold ME dear. Coming it ALL must Fall, wretched in MY Sight is the State involved. CRY UNTO ME for All is Now. Crumbling curtains and Mighty Winds blow this day for all is end. Begin anew Your Love of LIFE, brought to You by JESUS CHRIST. HOLY, HOLY is this day for preaching, praying the worlds dismay. Crumbling, crumbling, eroding fast; these end times too will surely pass. People are frightened and truly scared. Changing their minds will never work. Allow ME to change their hearts before it really hurts. The rest by wayside will have to go, this process in motion will not be slowed. Entered into the end of days, the planet is fully at MY Command; the squeezing You feel is the pressure of the second heavens collapse. As demons falling upon Your Earth, the release of more from below the dirt. LOOK UP I AM Your redemption, Fight Hard through this affliction. You will know by looking upon Your land, that hellish rebel consumed by sand will raise his ire for the allotted time, then imprisoned in fire while all is fine. You know the WORDS I Speak are TRUE and remembrance is being brought to You. Stay the course, unwavering, unrelenting. Speak the present in tense, Declare, for I AM GOD of Everywhere. Pray this as MY testimony for today, the TRUE need not be afraid. Pray for the provision from GOD MOST HIGH, not a single of MY Soldiers will ever die. This pen is closing upon today. Tomorrow, rape, murder, havoc and war displayed. I SPEAK, YES tomorrow as Your calendar surely says, February 17, 2011 will be darkened. The rapes and murders by darkness fall, through unchained spirits coming off the wall. MY WORDS released by You today will confirm the physical brutal displays. Money has fallen into decay: money and systems collide, the bottom is hit and hard times are now. A penny for wheat is the wage of Your day, right now to fruition displayed. Crashing, crashing the mighty babylon has fallen. Given over to strong delusion, believing the lie and lying wonders from satans scribes. They have fallen to Earth this day is marked; squealing and gnashing their fangs to hit hard. Evidence flooding in from above, squeezing the core to explode from below. Opening the gates releasing the horde from the depths of oppression. MARK MY WORDS this day I DO SPEAK for the heavens fall by the end of this week. Clamor no more about all things to come, prepare for wherever You will need to run. It is here. It is NOW, I DO DECLARE, stl.”


Posted: February 17, 2011 in PRAYING REVELATION

The LORDS PRAYER is SOOO powerful. JESUS said “after this manner pray.” HE was totally not outlining a scripted, one-size fits all type of hail Mary we are to throw up every now and then. However, JESUS was defining the way HE Lived HIS Life before THE FATHER GOD. In Bold Worship and recognition, JESUS moved into a succinct step by step, guided Life style. JESUS began by spending the precious time in just recognizing who THE FATHER GOD IS. OUR FATHER, who art in HEAVEN, Hallowed be THY NAME. I am sure there has been volumes written on just those ten words. As I began to deeply study OUR FATHER, several realizations became evident; HE wants to be the Absolute Desire and Ultimate Authority in our lives today. We know when we confess JESUS name before men, HE confesses our name directly to the FATHER. As I began to further dwell on the partial verse, the SPOKE to My heart saying, “This is the Public & Private Testimony for LIFE in THE SPIRIT of GOD. The fundamental key in operating within GOD”S Power and Seeing what THE FATHER does: to know THE FATHER GOD so intimately through the BLOOD BOUGHT GRACE and SACRIFICE of JESUS. Actualize this relationship in order to move specifically within The WILL and Authority of GOD: living this as a lifestyle will facilitate the physical birthing of the Kingdom of GOD onto this Earth, exactly as it is in HEAVEN. GOD is Demanding a Gentle Boldness as it pertains to living Life before men. Submit this temple and control the spiritual function, allowing GOD to move the physical into existence where HE Desires it to be. Beginning to walk one on one with THE FATHER GOD is not some pie in the sky dream we need to chase. rather, GOD is fast approaching us daily to commune, adore and worship HIM. By beginning to do the things required in a successful relationship, we discover how much fun this life in HIS Anointing is. ((There is so much more that can be written when understanding how to pray, “Our FATHER..,” So, never make the mistake of assuming You have got it figured out. If there is so much more learned by dwelling on just two Words of the Prayer of THE LORD; consider how much more there is to beginning to understand GOD’s WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE contained within this Prayer. Fully understand and operate in the KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM of GOD through this Prayer and Discover the constantly vibrant lifestyle of LIVING IN HIM.